Workshop: Inhomogeneous cosmologies, August 15-19 2011

Sunday 14.8:

Welcome reception at hotel Alba at 19.00

Monday 15.8:

Morning session:    Chairperson,   Kimmo Kainulainen

9.10-9.40      Rocky Kolb      Opening talk
9.50-10.20      Syksy Räsänen      Progress in backreaction
10.30-11.10      Coffee break     
11.30 - 11.30      David Wiltshire      What is dust? - Physical foundations of the averaging problem in cosmology
11.40 - 12.10      Eleonora Villa      Quantifying the rareness of high-redshift galaxy clusters

Afternoon session:    Chairperson,   Syksy Räsänen

14.30-15.00      Robert Wald      A new framework for analyzing the effects of small scale inhomegeneities in cosmology
15.10-15.40      Stephen Green      A new framework for analyzing the effects of small scale inhomegeneities in cosmology - Perturbation theory
15.50-16.20      Tejinder Singh      The scale of homogeneity and its implications for cosmological backreaction
16.30-17.00      Coffee break     
17.00-17.30      Shaun Hotchkiss      Cosmological backreaction and the gradient expansion
17.40-18.10      Obinna Umeh      Averaging/Fitting problem in cosmology: deceleration parameter as a case study

Tuesday 16.8:

Morning session:    Chairperson,   Rocky Kolb

9.00-9.30      Marie-Noelle Celerier      Some clarfications concerning non Copernican inhomogenous models
9.40-10.10      Chulmoon Yoo      Redshift drift in LTB void universes
10.20-10.50      Coffee break     
10.50-11.20      Hideo Kodama      Probing the inhomogenous universe by the CMB B-mode
11.30-12.00      Keiki Sato      The dependece of CMB anisotrpoies on Void profile parameters in the local void model

Afternoon session:    Chairperson,   Robert Wald

14.15-14.45      Albert Stebbins      WYSIWYG Space-Time: an observationally based, non- perturbative approach to learning about our universe
14.55-15.25      Phil Bull      Viable voids? What the kinematic Sunyaev-Zel'dovich effect is telling us about large scale homogeneity
15.35-16.05      Ryusuke Nishikawa      Evolution of density perturbations on the inhomogenous cosmological models
16.15-16.45      Coffee break     
17.00-19.00      Jukka Maalampi and Syksy Räsänen      Public lectures on topic "Einstein today"   (Agora building, lecture room 2)

Wedndesday 17.8:

Morning session:    Chairperson,   Marie-Noelle Celerier

9.00-9.30      Seshadri Nadathur      The ISW imprint of superstructures
9.40-10.10      Jim Zibin      Confronting void models for acceleration with the CMB
10.20-10.50      Coffee break with bagels     
11.00 - 11.30      Troels Haugbølle      Using the LTB model to probe inhomogeneity
11.40 - 11.50      Kimmo Kainulainen      Excursion details

Afternoon:    Excursion to Mämminiemi

Thursday 18.8:

Morning session:    Chairperson,   Hideo Kodama

9.00-9.30      Kryzsztof Bolejko      The distance-redshift relation in the inhomogenous Universe: matter inhomogeneities
9.40-10.10      Wessel Valkenburg      Living in observed structures: the universe as observed from insider the cold spot and inside the great attractor
10.20-10.50      Coffee break with bagels     
10.50 - 11.20      Leandros Perivolaropoulos      Generalizing the LCDM with inhomogenous Dark Energy: Motivation and observational constraints
11.30 - 12.00      Mikko Pääkkönen      Exact spherically symmetric inhomogenous models with n perfect fluids

Afternoon session:    Chairperson,   Albert Stebbins

14.30-15.00      Tom Shanks      LCDM and WMAP CMB anisotropies
15.10-15.40      Valerio Marra      Gravitational lensing with the sGL method
15.50-16.20      Teppo Mattsson      On the role of shear in cosmological averaging
16.30-16.40           Concluding remarks
16.40-17.10      Coffee     

Friday 19.8:

Departure day.  (There will be no talks but free discussions continue among the remaining participants.)