Workshop: Inhomogeneous Cosmologies, August 15-19 2011

A workshop on Inhomogeneous Cosmologies will be held in Jyväskylä, Finland in August 15-19, 2011. The main theme of the workshop will be the effect of matter inhomogeneities on observables: can inhomogeneities explain away dark energy and/or how do the large-scale structures affect observations.

In particular, we will focus on:

We welcome suggestions for additional topics.

Please note that the number of participants is limited to about 30. To request an invitation, please send us an email.


Hotel Alba and Department of Physics, University of Jyväskylä.

One day of the workshop (wednesday 17th) will be dedicated to informal discussions and social activities, including a ship cruise on the lake Päijänne with barbecue, swimming and sauna.


Jyväskylä may be reached by flying either to Helsinki-Vantaa airport or to Tampere Airport (with Ryanair).


Helsinki-Vantaa airport to Jyväskylä:

A general video guide (3:37) can be found here.

A cheap and fast way to get to Jyvaskyla is as follows:

1. Take the bus 61 to Tikkurila railway station leaving from the platform 22 just outside the terminal. The right column in the timetable is for airport --> railway station, the one on the left is for railway station --> airport. The Tikkurila connection is fastest, but if you like, there are several buses that get you to Helsinki railway station instead.

2. Take a train from Tikkurila or Helsinki to Jyvaskyla (3-4 h). Here is the train timetable.

3. From Jyvaskyla railway station to the Alba hotel is a pleasant walk along the lakeshore (1.8 km): see blue path in the map. You can also take a cab from the railway station to the hotel.

From Helsinki-Vantaa airport it is also be possible to fly to Jyväskylä. If you do so, we advise to take a cab from Jyväskylä airport to the Alba hotel. It costs approximately 30 euros.

A larger Jyvaskyla city map is available here

Tampere-Pirkkala airport to Jyväskylä

1. Take a bus to the Tampere railway station. Here you can find general information and the timetables for buses in here and here

2. Take a train from Tampere to Jyvaskyla (about 2 h). The train timetable is here.

3. From Jyvaskyla railway station to hotel Alba see above.

Please do not hesitate to ask us for assistance, by sending an email to us.

Available funding

We will be able to cover the local expenses including the accommodation for the invited participants and the cruise and the workshop dinner (barbecue) for everybody. We expect that participants can cover their travel expenses.


Kari Enqvist, University of Helsinki
Kimmo Kainulainen, University of Jyväskylä
Valerio Marra, University of Jyväskylä
Syksy Räsänen, University of Helsinki