FYSH300 Particle physics 1 / Hiukkasfysiikka


Course page in Korppi

Lecturers: Tuomas Lappi, Thorsten Renk: FL249. TA: Heikki Mäntysaari, FL347, no office hours, feel free to visit at any time.

Lecture material (1st part). 2nd part of the course: KJE's lecture notes (ask password from lecturer/TA). English speaking studets: ask Thorsten.


Return your solutions by Monday 9.00 to the box in the lobby.

If that is not possible, send your solution via email (same deadline) to heikki.mantysaari at jyu.fi in pdf or other reasonable format (scanned handwritten solution is ok). Attached .docx file gives you 0 points.


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