FYST530 Kvanttimekaniikka 2 / Quantum Mechanics 2


Course page in Korppi

Lecturer: Kari J. Eskola. TA: Heikki Mäntysaari, office FL347, no office hours, feel free to visit at any time.

Lecture notes (ask Heikki/KJE for password).


Solutions (same password).

Return your solutions by Wednesday 16.00 to the box in the lobby.

If that is not possible, send your solution via email (same deadline) to heikki.mantysaari at jyu.fi in pdf or other reasonable format (scanned handwritten solution is ok). docx is not "reasonable format".

Exam statistics

1st exam (12 participants):
2nd exam (10 participants):
Average grade 3.44, median grade 4. Grades after the midterm exams:

Pain-vs-gain graph (exam points as a function of exercise points, very clear (bias-free) correlation! stdev = standard deviation
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