Research Projects

My main research interests involve the fundamental theoretical description of nonequilibrium phenomena in many-body systems. This naturally involves an enormous range of physical phenomena. Examples of my interest are molecular conduction and atoms, molecules and quantum dots exposed to short laser pulses. This are important phenomena in the field of 'molecular electronics' which aims to build ultrasmall electronic devices based on single molecules and nanostructures. In this field a large number of important fundamental questions have remained unanswered. My research focuses on the theoretical and numerical development of two theoretical approaches to calculate properties of such systems. These are nonequilibrium Green function theory and (time-dependent) density-functional theory.

The following links below give a detailed introduction to nonequilibrium Green functions and time-dependent density-functional theory.

(Non)equilibrium Green function theory
Fundamental density-functional theory

An example of a result: Here is a beautiful picture of the imaginary part of the lesser Green function in the double time plane for the case of the hydrogen molecule in a laser field. This will be explained in the links above.