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Back issues

Issue 1, Vol 1 (2007)

Juha Ridanpää:
Conceptualizing the North
Daniel Chartier:
Colours, Lights, Emptiness and Other Discursive Elements
Anna Stammler-Gossmann: Reshaping the North of Russia
Enrique del Acebo Ibáñez: Metropolis, the Southern Cone of Latin America and the Antarctica
Unnur Dis Skaptadóttir: Social Changes and Culture in Icelandic Coastal Villages
Miikka Pyykkönen: Visual Construction of Cultural Identities of 'Others'
Helgi Gunnlaugsson: The Social Transformation, Crime Perceptions and the Role of the Social Sciences
Florian Stammler: Domestic Economy and Commodity Trade Among West Siberian Reindeer Herders
Uuve Södor: The Challenges of Living off the Forest

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Issue 2, Vol 2 (2008)

Tom G. Svensson: Reconciling divergent normative orders: The struggle for recognition regarding customary law among indigenous peoples
Thoroddur Bjarnason: International Migration Expectations Among Icelandic Youth
Timo Järvikoski: Local perceptions of global climate change in the Komi Republic in Russia
Peter Hilger: Activation in Modern Governance. The case of the Finnish Civil Participation Policy Programme 2003-2007
Enrique del Acebo Ibáñez: The Mountain and the Sea as Mirrors of the Soul. An approach from Georg Simmel’s Aesthetics and Gaston Bachelard’s Poetics

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Issue 3, Vol 3 (2009):

Snorri Örn Árnason & Helgi Gunnlaugsson: The Icelandic Business Community: Business or Anomie?
Valentina Farías, Graciela Montero, Raúl Calfín & Javier Mignone: Interculturality in Patagonian Medicine: An Interpretation from the History of the Americas
Miikka Pyykkönen: From Politics to Business? Social firms as the locomotives of the third sector transition in Finland
Anna Stammler-Gossman: Negotiating the Indigenous Status in the Russian Federation
Ingólfur V. Gíslason: Gender Changes in Iceland. From Rigid Roles to Negotiations

Price: 10 Euros. Subscribe due to instructions

Issue 4, Vol 4 (2010):

Rannveig Pórisdóttir and Helgi Gunnlaugsson: The low-crime thesis examined in Iceland: Criminal victimization in comparative perspective
Daniel Chartier: In praise of Arctic warming - An unsettling view by an anti-ecological novel "Erres boréales"
Enrique del Acebo Ibáñez: Bordering immigrants in Argentina. The case of Chilean immigration to Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego
Marcus Lepola: Piecing together a colonial situation - The economic role and cultural change of the Aleuts and the Pacific Eskimo in Russian colonial Alaska
Susanna Myllylä: Ethnoterritoriality confronting multinationals: Indigenous peoples' perceptions of eucalyptus plantation industries in Atlantic coastal Brazil

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Issue 5, Vol 5 (2011):

Ernesto Piana: Our past and present beliefs on the history of the sea nomads of Tierra del Fuego. Concepts from the 17th to the 21st centuries
Helgi Gunnlaugsson and Enrique del Acebo Ibáñez: Iceland's (2008) and Argentina's (2001) crises: Are there any similarities?
Maria Estela Mansur, Karen Hardy and Raquel Piqué: Landscape and human settlement dynamics in insular environments. An archaeological approach
Örn D. Jónsson: Outdoor bathing: How the outdoor hot tub became the most frequented gathering place in ICeland?
Anna Stammler-Gossmann: The Russian north as space of legislation

Price: 25 Euros (institutional subscription 100 Euros). Subscribe due to instructions