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January 2008

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Aims and Scopes

The Arctic & Antarctic International Journal of Circumpolar Socio-Cultural Issues (A&A-IJCSCI), is an international, peer-reviewed, scholarly journal published annually on behalf of the Foundation of High Studies on Antarctica and Extreme Environments (FAE, Argentina), and under the auspices of the International Association of Circumpolar Socio-Cultural Issues, the University of Iceland (Department of Sociology), and the University of Jyväskylä (Department of Social Sciences and Philosophy, Finland). The A&A-IJCSCI has been created to provide a forum for the socio-cultural analysis of both circumpolar regions.

Articles in the Journal will be devoted to promote an international and interdisciplinary dialogue concerning the following subjects:

1) Local Communities and Extreme Environments
2) Habitat, Social Interaction and Identity
3) Social Problems and Policies
4) Minorities and Aboriginal Cultures
5) Migration and Socio-cultural Integration
6) Prehistory and History
7) Literature and Arts
8) Geopolitics and International Relations
9) Arctic and Antarctic Comparative Studies
10) Other issues related to socio-cultural themes concerning circumpolar areas.