MATLAB License Checker

Although my university has licensed most of the Mathworks toolboxes, only a few licenses have been issued for some of them. This means that I often need to wait in order to be able to use them. And it is impossible to know when will they be available. So I created a function that sends me an e-mail whenever there are free licenses for a given toolbox. The function is called checklicense; it is hosted in Github and can be downloaded from the MATLAB File Exchange.

Now to receive an e-mail whenever the Image Processing Toolbox is available, the following command can be used in MATLAB:

checklicense('Image_Toolbox', '')

New resources

I have added a Tutorial on Musical Genre Classification and a Tutorial on Musical Segmentation with MIDI toolbox to the Resources menu. Matlab with MIRToolbox and Weka are used in the the Musical Genre Classification tutorial, and Matlab with MIDI toolbox is used in the Musical Segmentation tutorial. It was a pleasure for me to prepare them as teaching material. Feel free to reuse this material as you wish, but maintain the references to assure the original authors receive appropriate credit.

Research visit to Centre for Digital Music (C4DM) at Queen Mary University of London


Once again I will try to write periodically in a blog. Now that I know how to add a blog to this website, it is a good occasion to remember my short but intense visit to Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) in November 2013. I mean, after visiting a School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science you should at least be able to write a blog post in a computer, right? I was invited to give a talk at the Internal Seminar of the Centre for Digital Music. It was called Modelling 'perceptual' and 'cognitive' segmentation of music (thanks Elaine Chew for advertising it in your blog). I had just finished with my data collection, so I was very happy to discuss about how to analyze it and start with some basic analysis. I met amazing young and senior researchers during my time there, and I got great feedback regarding my project. It would be a pleasure to visit them again at some point.