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Welcome to the www-site of the

Friends of the Lesser White-fronted Goose


chairman : PhD Antti Haapanen
tel: 358-9-3253804 (home), 358-40-5953313 (mobile)
mail: Huhtasuontie 7, 00950 Helsinki, Finland
secretary: PhD Lauri Kahanpää
tel: 358-50-4652301
e-mail: <>
bird breeder: Pentti Alho (Preferably, speak German)
tel/fax 358-3 7654 727
mobile 358-440-654727 or 358-50-3441755.
home page:
mail: c/o Kahanpää / Sepeteuksentie 19 B / FIN 00760 Helsinki
The Friends' formal hometown is Hämeenlinna (= Tavastehus), Finland
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The objective of the "Friends of the Lesser White-fronted Goose"

The objective of the "Friends of the Lesser White-fronted Goose" association is the survival of a world wide threatened bird species, the Lesser White-fronted Goose (Anser erythropus).


The Finnish LWfG Re-introduction Project
The Friends of the LWfG support breeding of LWfG at a goose farm in Hämeenkoski, southern Finland. The LWfG is extinct in Finland but it can be revived in their original Scandinavian breeding range. A similar project in Sweden was successful already.
Partners in an international reintroduction project
We participate in an intrenational reintroduction project "Operation Fjällgås"
Taking care of wounded birds
We run a bird hospital at the goose farm in Hämeenkoski. Currently the hospital is closed to avoid infection by H1N5-virus.

In Practise:

Hundreds of voluntary work hours are needed at the farm annually to keep the birds and their environment in optimal shape. (Daily feeding, plus seasonal work like assisting breeding, cleaniong the cages, lots of carpentry...) We do and sponsor research on the LWfG, we are partners in producing an LWfG conservation Action Plan for the EU as well as for Finland and Sweden. This large web site is updted on a regular basis. The Frieds of the LWfG also support conservation efforts on the breeding and wintering areas of the species, as well as along the migration routes. This is done by participating in meetings and organising training and excursions for researchers and other interested people.
The Friends of the Lesser White-fronted Goose welcome all who want the Lesser White-front to survive, to cooperation. The natural habitats of the species must be protected, hunting must be reduced substantially, and we must be prepared for a re-introduction. There is very much to do and too little time to do it..

How to join us or sponsor conservation of the Lesser White-fronted Goose

You can apply for membership by e-mail <> or mail (adress above).
Members pay an annual fee of (currently) 60 USD / 50 EUR.
  • IBAN: FI49 3939 0032 8487 80


Organization 2014
Chairman: Antti Haapanen, Helsinki
Erkki Jaanu, Valkeakoski
Lauri Kahanpää, Jyväskylä
Erkki Kellomäki, Hämeenlinna
Eero Peltonen, Tampere
General meeting spring 2015

Web site

The Friend's web site contains a wealth of fresh information on the Lesser White-fronted Goose. You should find the Contents of our site at the left margin of this page. If this is not the case, Click here.

We thank our Sponsors


Tom Björklund
Niilo Kallio
Erik van Ommen
Auvo Taivalvuo
Pekka Saikko


The European Union
Hämeen ympäristökeskus
The International Wild Waterfowl Association (IWWA)
Korkeasaaren ystävät ry
Metsästäjäin keskusjärjestö
Pirkanmaan lintutieteellinen yhdistys
Suomen Metsästäjäliitto-Finlands Jägarförbund
Svenska Jägareförbundet
Maailman Luonnon Säätiö, Suomen Rahasto (WWF)


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