Tuplanolla Sampsa Kiiskinen


I built this thing as contract work to support my studies.


Temperature and Moisture Visualization System, or TMVS among friends, because the name is not important, is a simple data exploration and analysis tool. Its purpose is to help work with a sizable chunk of data gathered from a test lab and some weather stations. The measurements themselves cover temperature and humidity inside building materials and pressure, precipitation and more outside.

TMVS was originally built by Sampsa “Tuplanolla” Kiiskinen between 2016-06-01 and 2016-08-09. It was the result of a project course at the University of Jyväskylä and was supported by the funding of JAMK University of Applied Sciences. Further development and maintenance was passed on to interested parties.

Even though TMVS itself is quite pedestrian, the author has tried to impose some mathematical structure on it. For example data structures are built from algebraic sum and product types, data flow is designed in terms of category theory and many transformations are adapted or at least inspired by functional programming. This hopefully makes the system easier to use and understand.


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