Margaret Trotta Tuomi, Ph.D.

Dr. Margaret Trotta Tuomi is an educational sociologist specializing in the development of diversity-positive learning environments in classrooms, teacher training and teachers' professional development. Her research, involving both prevention and intervention, has focused on the creation of just and proactive school environments providing children with tools, such as consultation, to prevent problems and resolve problems that arise. This is documented in her book, Human Dignity in the Learning Environment, 3rd ed. and published in various international journals. She has conducted numerous teacher training seminars in Finland, Lebanon and the Balkans.

Dr. Tuomi is also an advisor in the areas of the Finnish Roma, immigrants and students in higher education with disabilities. She was the local expert and coordinator of the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights Roma research program Local Engagement for Roma Inclusion. She was also the coordinator of the Socrates Comenius 2.1 program CENTIME, for the development of teacher training and materials for minorities across Europe. She is a member of two working groups for the City of Jyväskylä, one for the education foreign-born children and the other in the City of Jyväskylä Roma Work Group as the official representative of the University of Jyväskylä since 2006. She is the advisor on cultural issues for the National Handicrafts Museum of Finland.

Recent research has focused on the participation of persons with disability in higher education in both Tanzania and Finland. Dr. Tuomi was a guest lecturer at the University of Dar es Salaam in 2013.

Margaret Tuomi has been a social worker working with disabled adults and the Director of the Independent Living Center for disabled adults at United Cerebral Palsy in Los Angeles 1975-79, a teacher of Sign Language 1976-1986 at the Los Angeles Community College and the STAFRICA program for the training of African special education teachers Finland.

She was a tenured university Senior Lecturer of English 1986-2018.

Special Appointments and Awards:

Dr. Tuomi was a senior researcher funded by Academy of Finland 2003-2004. She was awarded the Challenge to Global Citizenship mentor's award by the Finnish United Nations Association. She is a member the Socrates thematic network on Children's Identity and Citizenship in Europe (CiCe), a member of The ADHD Association and the Autism Association of Central Finland. She founded a support group for spouses of persons with Asperger Syndrome. For more information in this matter please contact Margaret Tuomi, a native New Yorker, has resided with her family in Finland since 1979.

Some Selected Publications:

Research regarding the Finnish Roma:

Local engagement for Roma inclusion Locality study Jyväskylä (Finland), 2016/2019

Paikallinen toiminta romanien osallistamiseksi, Jyväskylä, (Suomi) 2016/2019

Full Report: Working with Roma: Participation and empowerment of local communities

Suomen romaniväestö osallisuus ja hyvinvointi: Romanien hyvinvointitutkimus Roosan perustulkset 2017-2018

"Creating a School Culture of Human Dignity or, Do Minorities Deserve Special Treatment?"

"The Roma Minority in Finland: an Overview"

Students with Disabilities in Higher Education

Enabling the full participation of university students with disabilities: seeking best practices for a barrier-free language centre

As Capable as Other Students: Tanzanian Women with Disabilities in Higher Education

Research Methodologies

Research to engage voices on the ground in educational development

World Citizenship Education

Human Dignity in the Learning Environment

Education for World Citizenship:Preparing Students to be Agents of Social Change

Planning Teachers? Professional Development for Global Education

Neuvotteleminen opettajien ammatillisen kehityksen suunnittelussa, p. 124

"World Citizenship Education in My Classroom"

The Education of Asylum Seekers and Immigrants

Havaintoja ulkomailla syntyneiden opiskelusta ja arvioinneista, p. 132

"Agents of Social Change in Education"


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