1   Case Endings

The accusative singular has either no case ending or it is -n or -t. The case ending of the accusative plural is -t.

2   Formation

The accusative singular has two different forms that are always similar to either the nominative, which has no case ending, or the genitive, whose case ending is -n which is added to the genitive stem. The accusative plural is formed by adding the accusative plural ending -t to the genitive stem. Thus, the accusative plural is similar to the nominative plural. Personal pronouns and the interrogative pronoun kuka 'who' have only one accusative form which is formed with the ending -t.

Nominative Accusative sg Accusative pl Translation
jalka jalka / jalan jalat foot
varas varas / varkaan varkaat thief
talo talo / talon talot house
vene vene / veneen veneet boat