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Miika Nurminen

M.Sc., technical project manager (University of Jyväskylä, Digital Services)

Phone: +358 40 8053286
E-mail: minurmin@jyu.fi

Converis, TUTKA, JYX.


Presentations and earlier courses.

Supervised theses.


Tag-based data management (software engineering).

Research interests:

List of publications - [ BibTeX ]

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Implementation project for Current Research Information System (2016-2018).
TUTKA Working Group, Steering group for research information systems (2013-2017).
Working Group for Research Data Administration (fall 2011 - spring 2012).
UbiKnowS (2010).
MaLuOpe, Faculty of Information Technology and Dept. of Mathematical Information Technology (2007-2009).
Joose, Faculty of Information Technology (fall 2008, customer's representative).
ProLaatuPro (++), Faculty of Information Technology and Dept. of Mathematical Information Technology (2005-2006).
UCOT, Production 2010 (fall 2006, technical instructor).
Kokako, Faculty of Information Technology and Virtual University (spring 2006, customer's representative).
Tare, Museum (fall 2004, customer's representative).
Data mining / Knowledge mining, Agora Center and Dept. of Mathematical Information Technology (fall 2003 - fall 2004).
Distance Learning of Mathematics, Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics (summer - fall 2003).
Kiuru, study project and special assignment in mathematical information technology (fall 2002 - spring 2003).


ConceptUtils, transformation tools for concept maps, mind maps and graphs.
Xoo, XML multichannel publishing system (see XooZoo, Kokako).
ExtMiner, information retrieval and clustering application for structured document collections.
Duo / Arte, collection management system for Jyväskylä University Museum. Features a component library for Delphi-based database applications (see TARE).
MarkTree, HTML link tree and alternative presentation utility for FreeMind -mind maps.



On processing vector images (+other support material in IT-wiki), 2011.
On reference and notes management, 2010.
javacom, Java-COM integration interface based on JACOB and java2com, 2006.
Programming recap, additional material for C++ programming course (in Finnish), 2001-2002.

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