Christel Geiss - Research


  1. Product and Moment Formulas for Iterated Stochastic Integrals (associated with Lévy Processes).
    With P. Di Tella.
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  2. Existence, Uniqueness and Malliavin Differentiability of Lévy-driven BSDEs with locally Lipschitz Driver.
    With A. Steinicke.
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  3. On first exit times and their means for Brownian bridges.
    With A. Luoto and P. Salminen.
    Journal of Applied Probability 2019 arXiv
  4. Existence, uniqueness and comparison results for BSDEs with Lévy jumps in an extended monotonic generator setting.
    With A. Steinicke.
    Probability, Uncertainty and Quantitative Risk 2018
  5. Random walk approximation of BSDEs with Hölder continuous terminal condition.
    With C. Labart and A. Luoto.
    Bernoulli arXiv
  6. Simulation of BSDEs with jumps by Wiener Chaos Expansion.
    With C. Labart.
    Stoch. Proc. Appl. 126, pp.2123-2162, 2016. arXiv
    Erratum to “Simulation of BSDEs with jumps by Wiener Chaos expansion”
    [Stochastic Process. Appl. 126 (2016) 2123–2162].
    With Céline Labart.
    Stoch. Proc. Appl.
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  9. A note on Malliavin fractional smoothness for Lévy processes and approximation.
    With S. Geiss and E. Laukkarinen.
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  1. L2-Approximation rate of forward-backward SDEs using random walk.
    With C. Labart and A. Luoto.
  2. Donsker-Type Theorem for BSDEs: Rate of Convergence.
    With P. Briand, S. Geiss and C. Labart.

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