Simulation - autumn 2017

The Simulation course is given in Autumn 2017 (starting on October 24th). See Korppi for details. The lectures are in English and will hopefully be at least partially updated from the previous instances. However, as a back up, the materials from the previous instance are also available. (The previous instance contains links to older versions (2012 in Finnish) as well).


The course will include exercises that require operating with some simulation packages/libraries (like JavaSim, JaamSim, OES, SimPy or Desmo-J, see below). The exercises are preferably to be done in small groups (2-3 persons). Slides and stream capture videos are provided (assuming that the recorder stays stable)).


Date Topics Slides Streams
24.10.17 1: Introduction and examples
  • Raw capture (wmv) (2016 version as capturing failed this year)
  • Raw capture (mp4)
  • 25.10.17 2: Discrete event systems, simulation paradigms and event based simulation
    31.10.17 3: Object based simulation
    1.11.17 4: Pseudo random numbers
    5: Monte Carlo and hypothesis testing
    Nov 8th Ex 1
    6: Valid simulation experiments
    Nov 15th Ex 2
    7: Variance analysis and reduction
    Nov 22nd Ex 3
    8: Metamodelling and design of experiments
    Dec 5th Ex 4

    Further material - materiaalilinkkejä

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