Tinkle Chugh


Invited Talks

  • "Evolutionary Computation in Practice", Aalto University, Finland, Nov 24, 2017

News and updates about my publications

  • The article "Surrogate-assisted multiobjective shape optimization of an air intake ventilation system" won the best student paper award in IEEE CEC 2017. Press release here Thanks to all co-authors especially Tomas Kratky from Center of Hydraulic Research, Czech Republic.

  • Code of I-SIBEA (An interactive simple indicator based evolutionary algorithm for multiobjective optimization) can be downloaded from here

  • Code of K-RVEA: Unfortunately, our project contract with industries hinders us to release the code of K-RVEA at least until the end of year 2017. I will release the code as soon as I am authorised. I do not take gurantee of any other implementation. Please contact me if you want to implement the code.