Tuplanolla Sampsa Kiiskinen


I want to make this happen eventually.

Eternal Projects

Most of my projects are either completed on time or discarded as bad ideas. However a select few do not follow either path. They are somehow different, but follow a common pattern:

  • the ideas come out of nowhere,
  • they have no relevance to anything else,
  • I constantly come back to them,
  • it often takes years to get a grasp of them and
  • sometimes I cannot solve them at all.

Examples of such projects include

  • my own adventure video game, since 1998;
  • my own website (actually happened), since 2000;
  • my own color space, since 2008;
  • my own programming language, since 2010 and
  • my own quantum model for finite lattices (quantum as a general concept, not quantum mechanics), since 2012.

Perhaps they are an indicator of personal growth, but I digress. The project that has escaped me the longest is, simply put, a project about building an airplane. The ultimate goal is to design a realistic jet aircraft for atmospheric conditions or a theoretically plausible rocket plane for space and either build a working scale model of it or implement a computer model to simulate it in real time. There is no easy way out of it and that is good.



This is the first draft of the airplane, with the assumption that it uses jet engines. The airframe is purposefully shaped so that it could eventually sustain both vertical flight and reentry. It should be fairly obvious that the design also results in poor maneuverability and suspectibility to deep stalls. That is a good thing, because solving such problems is guaranteed to be interesting.

The fun problems are not restricted to simulating physical systems. An aircraft offers an excellent excuse for coming up with a processor architecture and a systems programming language to implement a simple flight computer.


I am not actively working on this project aside from learning numerical simulations, fluid dynamics and Forth. I estimate that it will be done by 2040 if ever. Only time will tell.