Tuplanolla Sampsa Kiiskinen



I am Sampsa Kiiskinen or, on the Internet, Tuplanolla. I study physics, mathematics and mathematical information technology (essentially computer science) in the University of Jyväskylä in Finland. I spend my free time on research, development and personal improvement.


If you want to contact me, you can either

  • send mail to tuplanolla at gmail.com,
  • connect to chat.freenode.net and query Tuplanolla or
  • catch me on campus.

You should use my public key with GPG or PGP for secure communications.


I am currently working on my doctorate, which concerns the categorical synthesis of boundary value problems. I also work as a teaching assistant on advanced computer science and physics courses like software security, functional programming and numerical simulations.


My past work experience is quite varied. For profit or formal education I have — for example and roughly in order —

  • built a website for a private company,
  • herded sheep and other less woolly things on a farm,
  • run my own yard work and computer repair company,
  • managed the physical archives and small computer systems of a district court,
  • maintained a large government facility,
  • worked on computer vision and physical data analysis software contracts and
  • written theses on numerical many-body quantum mechanics and material physics.

For fun I have

  • played classical piano,
  • gotten two intermediate belts in martial arts,
  • won video game tournaments and tried my hand at speedrunning,
  • reverse engineered proprietary software,
  • built video game hacks and modifications,
  • composed electronic music,
  • played acoustic and electric guitar,
  • performed in front of large audiences,
  • created and contributed to free software,
  • built a small programming language from scratch,
  • designed small electronic gadgets,
  • studied fungi, rocks, aviation, typography, colors and
  • other fascinating subjects.

For political reasons I have also

  • served in the military and
  • in the alternative civilian service.


I strongly advocate free knowledge. I think information should be shared without restrictions to maximize collective benefit. The concept of intellectual property is especially harmful, because it manifests itself in things like proprietary software and inaccessible academic journals — things that thrive on creating artificial scarcity that slows down our progress. However even worse are restrictions imposed by governments, authorities or the enormous companies that control them, because censorship is used as a tool of oppression. I do not enjoy that.

To avoid confusion, I should note that by free I mean libre (free of restrictions) instead of gratis (free of charge). While money plays a part, it does not contradict the concept of free knowledge.


I have an ascetic lifestyle. I only buy what I need and try to sell or give away things I do not. I also prefer to repair things that break instead of replacing them with new ones. It should be obvious that I despise consumerism.

I try to stay healthy. I follow a vegetarian diet, although I am not unnecessarily pushy or strict about it. I exercise mostly by running and lifting weights.

I do not travel much. I have a driver’s license, but I primarily ride a bicycle, walk or use public transportation.

I do what I can to keep my ecological footprint small and contributions meaningful.