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Inverse Problems Seminar

(Inversio-ongelmien seminaari, kevät 2007)

Time and place
Mondays 14–16, alternates between Exactum (room B120) and TKK (room U358).
Matti Lassas (TKK), Lassi Päivärinta (HY), Mikko Salo (HY), Erkki Somersalo (TKK).

This spring, we will continue our discussion of the boundary rigidity problem. See seminar description and possible topics for speakers. We plan to go through the article

L. Pestov and G. Uhlmann, Two dimensional compact simple Riemannian manifolds are boundary distance rigid. Ann. of Math. 161 (2005), p. 1093-1110, arXiv:math.AP/0305280.


Monday 29.1.
Mikko Salo (HY): Boundary rigidity -- review
notes (pdf)
Monday 5.2.
Anna Kirpichnikova (University of Edinburgh): Inverse boundary spectral problems on Riemannian polyhedra
Monday 12.2.
Kirsi Peltonen (TKK): Smooth boundaries of riemannian manifolds -- obstacles to classical theory
notes (pdf)
Monday 19.2.
Mikko Salo (HY): Scattering relation and geodesic X-ray transform
notes (pdf)
Monday 26.2.
Mikko Salo (HY): Scattering relation and Dirichlet-to-Neumann map
notes (pdf)
Monday 5.3.
No seminar
Monday 12.3.
Petri Ola (HY): Ellipticity of the normal operator
notes (pdf)
Monday 19.3.
Petteri Piiroinen (HY): Geodesic X-ray transform -- solvability for the adjoint
notes (pdf)
Monday 26.3.
No seminar
Monday 2.4.
Juha-Matti Perkkiö (TKK): Injectivity of the geodesic X-ray transform
Monday 9.4.
No seminar
Monday 16.4.
Juha-Matti Perkkiö (TKK): Injectivity of the geodesic X-ray transform II
notes (pdf)
Special guest lecture, Monday 23.4. (Exactum B120) at 14-16:
Olavi Nevanlinna (TKK): On real linear mappings in complex spaces
Monday 30.4.
No seminar
Monday 7.5.
No seminar
Note: joint functional and geometric analysis seminar, Friday 11.5. (Exactum C124) at 13-14:
Dmitri Burago (Penn State): On boundary rigidity

Past seminars

Here is a link to talks given in Fall 2006, including notes from the talks.

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