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Inverse Problems Seminar

(Inversio-ongelmien seminaari, syksy 2006)

Time and place
Mondays 14–16, alternates between Exactum (room B120) and TKK (room U322, in 3rd floor of TKK main building, Otakaari 1 M, Espoo).
Matti Lassas (TKK), Lassi Päivärinta (HY), Mikko Salo (HY), Erkki Somersalo (TKK).

This fall, we will concentrate on the boundary rigidity problem, an inverse problem which involves an exciting interplay of analysis and differential geometry. See seminar description and possible topics for speakers. We plan to go through the article

L. Pestov and G. Uhlmann, Two dimensional compact simple Riemannian manifolds are boundary distance rigid. Ann. of Math. 161 (2005), p. 1093-1110, arXiv:math.AP/0305280.

Anyone interested in learning about analysis and geometry is welcome. The basic concepts will be developed along the way.

Schedule (Fall 2006)

Monday 18.9.
Mikko Salo (HY): Boundary rigidity problem
notes (pdf)
Monday 25.9.
Mikko Salo (HY): Manifolds and geodesics
notes (pdf)
Monday 2.10.
Mikko Salo (HY): Manifolds and geodesics II
notes (pdf)
Monday 9.10.
Matias Dahl (TKK): Covariant derivative and geodesic flow
notes (pdf)
Monday 16.10.
Matias Dahl (TKK): Parallel transport and the geodesic flow
notes (pdf)
Monday 23.10.
Kirsi Peltonen (TKK): Conjugates & cuts
notes (pdf)
Monday 30.10.
John Bardsley (HY/Univ. of Montana): Wavefront reconstruction for adaptive optics
Monday 6.11.
Simopekka Vänskä (HY): Determining a metric at the boundary from the boundary distance function
notes (pdf)
Monday 13.11.
Juha-Matti Perkkiö (TKK): Counterexamples in the boundary rigidity problem
notes (pdf)
Monday 20.11.
Kirsi Peltonen (TKK): Conjugate points, Jacobi fields and curvature
notes (pdf)
Monday 27.11.
Juha-Matti Perkkiö (TKK): Boundary rigidity for conformal manifolds
notes (pdf)
Monday 4.12.
Mikko Salo (HY): Reconstructing a sound speed from travel times
notes (pdf)

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