TIES410 Future Internet, 2015-2016



Quick Facts 


á      Organizer, Prof. Tapani Ristaniemi (tapani.ristaniemi@jyu.fi)

á      5 ECTS

á      For news & info: stay tuned on  ties410_s2015@korppi.jyu.fi



Requirement for passing the course – Learning diary 


á      Write a learning diary based on the lecture material (video and lecture slides) given.

á      What to include in the learning diary? A combination of the following approaches:

o   ÓRecapÓ: identify the main points of the subject and write a short summary about it (this is like explaining the matter to your classmate).

o   ÓProblemsÓ: make a list of things you found difficult to understand or things you felt poorly explained.     

o   ÓCriticismÓ: write down your thoughts (related to the subject matter J) during the lecture, your opinions or even counterarguments/objections (in that case try to justify your statement). 

o   ÓPerceptionÓ: write down your own experience about the subject matter if any.

o   ÓDeepeningÓ: deepen your knowledge on some part of the subject matter (need to find other information than that in the lecture!)

á      Length: ~2 pages per lecture. To be returned by the end of December, 2015 (Autumn term) or May 15, 2016 (Spring term)





á      The slides can be found from Optima system.

á      Video recordings can be found from Moniviestin.




Dr. Alexander Sayenko, NSN

State of art of wireless technologies and development trends

Dr. Alexander Sayenko, NSN

Multi-carrier and small cell trends

Dr. Alexander Sayenko, NSN

Standardization and intellectual property in telecommunication

Dr. Oleksiy Mazhelis, JYU

Internet of Things (IoT)

Dr. Artem Katanosov, VTT

Interoperability on the IoT

Prof. Tommi Mikkonen, TUT

Liquid software: multi-device ownership meets web programming

Dr. Teemu Toppila, HP

Software Defined Networks

Dr. Martti Lehto, JYU

Cyber security threats in the internet

Research Director Hanna-Kaisa IsomŠki, JYU

Future Internet Ethics: Privacy Concerns for the Development of Fair Information Practices

Prof. Pertti Raatikainen

Mobile Internet (PS. only slides for this lecture, no video available)


Additional material


Since some of the previous lectures were not recorded, you may choose interesting internet-related talks from:


These talks are short (8-15 minutes) given by international experts and they high-light some important aspect of the future of the internet. You may write 2-4 pages from these talks (that is, replacing 1-2 normal lectures). You may need to include couple of talks since they are quite short (but very interesting as well).