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Finnish Association for research in Technology Education

The association is founded in 1996 for promoting development and research of Technology Education.


  1. To work for development of professional skills of teachers of technological education in general education.
  2. To keep contacts with other national and foreign associations.
  3. To develop research of Technology Education.
  4. To work for development of collaboration and togetherness of the members.


  1. Makes initiatives, gives statements and may have negotiations with other parties.
  2. Makes research and investigations.
  3. May publish a newsletter, yearbook, textbooks and other publications.
  4. Organizes communication.
  5. Organizes meetings, courses, fairs, conferences and lectures.

Current Issues


FATE organises a national / international Technology Education Conference in Turku in 29.10. 01.11. in connection with the yearly meeting of Technical work and Textile Work teachers. More information and program (.doc) Technology education conference
Original outline: (J-M Latvala, H Isoluoma, A Rantala, A Joensuu) 31.10.2001
Translation: Tapani Kananoja 19.2.2002
Pasi Ikonen last updated 24.2.2005