TIES505 Tutkimus Projekti/Research Project, 10-15 ECTS


Faculty of Information technology

Lecturer: Dr. Ferrante Neri

Room Ag.C423.2, Agora, University of Jyväskylä

E-mail : ferrante.neri@jyu.fi

Aim of the course:

This course aims at offering an early stage training in scientific research. The students will understand the basic rules of the academic environment and will learn how to produce a scientific paper in one field of Information Technology. The main idea is that the student will move the first steps within the scientific society and towards a potential scientific carrier. Another important goal will be to show the research as a team game where the individualities are important in the logic of the team benefits and the cooperation among individuals can lead to important achievements.


This course is designed for advanced Master Students who have interest and curiosity towards science in Information Technology. This course is strongly recommended to students who are planning to continue their studies in a PhD program. 

Application to the course:

Students are invited to apply through the Korppi system. A short questionnaire which aims at investigating the student's background (programming languages, English skills etc.) will be mandatory. The selected students will have a short interview with Dr. Neri in order to define the most suitable role of the student within the group and the scientific interests of the student.

Structure of the course:

The student will be assigned to a scientific supervisor/group in order to contribute to a research project which will last for approximately 6 months. The tasks of the student are negotiable on the basis of the student's skills and the necessities of the supervisor. The scientific areas of the research project can be:

-Simulation and Optimization

-Software Engineering

-Networking and Mobile Systems

In addition, a set of general seminars (about 10 h) will be organized on the following topics:

- Scientific forums in Computer Science and Engineering: where to publish my work?

- Scientific papers: how to build up my paper?

- Tools for scientific papers: LaTex, BibTex, LaTable, Mathtype

- Speaking in public about science: How to organize a conference presentation?

- Money issues: Which are the funding resources in Finland and how to obtain this funding?

Assignment of the credits:

The students should take part in the group and solve (or try to solve) the task assigned by the supervisor. The student should attend the seminars (at least 80% of the hours). The student should give a simulation of conference presentation at the end of the 6 month period. The students should write a short scientific paper and will be strongly encouraged to submit this paper to an international forum (e.g. national or international conference). The paper can jointly be written with the supervisor and a guidance for the choice of the publication forum will be given. When possible, students will work in pair.

The amount of credits will be assigned in the range 10-15 ECTS on the basis of the task demand. A minimum guaranteed amount of credits will anyway be guaranteed during the first 6 weeks of the project. A grade from 1 to 5 will be assigned at the end of the course on the basis of the student's performance. A great attention will be given to the capability of the students of producing a publishable work.