Curriculum vitae                                                                          



Name                                  Marja Annika TIIROLA (prev. Kauppi)

Current employment           University lecturer, Aquatic Sciences

Contact information            University of Jyväskylä, Department of Biological and Environmental Science, P.O.Box 35 (Survontie 9), FI-40014 University of Jyväskylä, Finland
Telephone +358-40-8053932
Mobile Phone +358-44-0858609

Family                                Children (1991, 1992, 1994, 1998 and 2002), husband Mikko Tiirola

Home address                    Kaupintie 8, FI-41980 Kuivasmäki, Finland


Date and place of birth        1967, Petäjävesi, Finland


University degrees              Tampere University of Technology, Finland

Docentship 2007, Environmental microbiology


                                            University of Jyväskylä, Finland
Doctor of Philosophy, Molecular biology 31.12.2002

                                           University of Helsinki, Finland

Master of Forestry and Agriculture, 1991, Environmental sciences degree programme, including: Limnology, Forest biology, Fishery science, Forest mensuration and management, Silviculture, Environmental protection, 240 credits.


Other education                  Kuru Forest College, Finland

                                           (part of Tampere Polytechnics)

Full Teacher’s matriculation 1994


Work experience                

                                           University of Jyväskylä:

University lecturer 1.8.2012 onwards, permanent recruiting

Academy Research Fellow    1.1.2010- 31.7.2012

                                           Academy of Finland

Academy Research Fellow    1.11.2007- 31.12.2009

                                           University of Jyväskylä:

Researcher, post-doc, assistant and graduate school student                                                              1.9.1995-31.10.2007

Absences: maternity leaves 9.8.2004-10.12.2004, 20.5.2002-29.3.2003, 13.8.1998-25.6.1999, working abroad with scholarship 1.1.2005-30.6.2005


University of Helsinki:

Training officer, Lahti Research and Education center 1992-1995 (3.4 years)

Planning of the university education of Environmental Science 

(“perusopetusyksikön suunnittelija, ympäristötieteet”)


Oy Keskuslaboratorio Ab:                         

Research assistant, Environmental section, 1990-1991 (11 months)


Kuopio Water and Environmental District:

Limnology trainee, summer 1988 (3 months)


Longer visits abroad            European Molecular Biology laboratory (EMBL) Heidelberg, Germany, laboratory of Toby Gibson 1.10.-31.10.2002

                                            University of Warwick, UK, laboratory of Colin Murrell 1.1.2005-30.6.2005


Personal scholarships         *University of Jyväskylä, scholarship for working abroad 2005

                                            *Kemira Oyj foundation 2004

                                            *University of Jyväskylä, Rectors scholarship 2002

*Antti and Jenny Wihuri’s foundation 2001

*DAAD (Deutsche Academische Austauschdienst) 1997


Qualifications and success in professor position applications

                                            Evaluated competent for the Professor in Biotechnology position (Molecular microbiology, application field environmental and sustainable biotechnology) 28.5.2009 Tampere University of Technology, Finland


Other responsibilities         •Coordinator of the Nordic Network for Stable Isotope Research (NordSIR) 1.8.2010->

•Member for EU COST Action “Stable Isotopes in Biospheric-Atmospheric-Earth System Research [ES0806 FI] 25.8.2009->

•Coordinator of the Scandinavian postdoctoral course: “Bioinformatics course for NGS data in microbial ecology 2012” organized 11.-15.6.2012

•Student advisor of the Aquatic Sciences section and a member of the teaching development committee of the department 2012->


Research funding 2007-2012 


Funding agency

Grant period

Nitrogen-fixing endosymbionts of mosses – a missing link in the nitrogen budgets of boreal ecosystems? (PI)

Academy of Finland


Impact of climate fluctuations on microbial communities responsible for carbon and nitrogen cycling in arctic soils (co-PI)

The Finnish Forest Research Institute (METLA)


The use of methane in wastewater treatment technology - aiming for more efficient nitrogen removal and diminished greenhouse gas emission (PI)

Maj and Tor Nessling Foundation


RNA-unit – a universal concept to explore the functions of uncultured microbes in the environment (PI)

Academy of Finland


Enhanced denitrification for efficient wastewater nitrogen load reduction (PI)

Maj and Tor Nessling Foundation

2013 +possible 2 years extension





In addition, I have gained NordForsk-funding for NordSIR network (2010-2014) and for the Bioinformatics course (2012), PI in both of the activities.



Supervision of Master’s and Doctoral theses:


·         Elina Madetoja 2001, Master’s thesis: “Mikrobitunnistuksen matemaattisia menetelmiä", ”Mathematical methods for microbial identification”

·         Anita Hakala 2002, Master’s thesis: ”Novosphingobium-suvun bakteerien fylogenian määritys 16S-23S ITS-sekvenssien perusteella”, ”The phylogeny of Novosphingobium –genus based on 16S-23SITS sequences”

·         Milla Sarkasuo 2002, Master’s thesis: ”Patogeenien bakteerien selviäminen anaerobisessa biokonversiossa”, ”Survival of pathogenic bacteria in anaerobic bioconversio”

·         Heidi Kunttu 2004, Master’s thesis: ”Suomen Flavobacterium columnare – kalapatogeenikantojen genotyyppianalyysi”, ”Genotype analysis of Finnish Flavobacterium columnare fish patogens”

·         co-supervision: Lotta-Riina Suomalainen 2005, PhD thesis: “Flavobacterium columnare in Finnish fish farming – Characterisation and putative disease management strategies”

·         Helena Jäntti 2007, Master’s thesis “The spatial and temporal variation of nitrogen fixation in aquatic environments”

·         Kaisa Teräväinen 2007, Bachelor’s thesis in Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences. “Occurrence of the bacterium Iodobacter sp. on the skin of fishes susceptible to saprolegniosis”

·         Jatta Karhunen 2011, Master’s thesis “

·         co-supervision: Sari Peura, PhD thesis 21.4.2012 ” Bacterial communities in stratified humic lakes”

·         Antti Rissanen, PhD thesis 5.10.2012: “Nitrogen removal by microbial processes in aquatic systems””

·         Miika Sarpakunnas 2013, Master’s thesis “Denitrification in stratified lakes”


·         Sanna Leppänen, PhD thesis under supervision 1.2.2008 -> “Nitrogen fixing endosymbionts in mosses”, PhD defence should be 12.10.2013

·         Anna Taskinen, PhD thesis under supervision 28.1.2011->”Novel rRNA-based molecular methods as tools in quantitative characterization of microbial communities”

·         Jatta Karhunen, PhD thesis under supervision starting in 1.6.2011-> “Anaerobic microbiology of lakes”

·         co-supervision: Anu Karvinen PhD thesis under supervision 1.3.2011-> “Role of iron and manganese in suppression of methane emissions from wetlands and lakes”

·         Ville Juusela, PhD thesis under supervision 1.2.2013-> “Stimulation of denitrification and DNRA by the treated wastewater”