Enrique del Acebo Ibáñez

Doctor in Sociology and Master in Sociology of Development (Complutensis University of Madrid). Licenciate in Sociology (University of Buenos Aires). Visiting professor in different USA universities (Notre Dame, San Diego, Southern California, Bergen Community College, UCLA) and in European universities (Paris-VII, Siena, Cambridge, Jyväskylä, Oulu, Lapland, Iceland, Akureyri, Oslo, Carlos III of Madrid, Prague). Full time scientific researcher at the National Argentine Council for Scientific Research. Head Professor at the Universidad del Salvador (Argentina) and Associate Professor at the University of Buenos Aires. Director of the Circumpolar Studies Program of the Universidad del Salvador (Argentina). Director of the Institute for the Study of Territory, Society and Culture (Argentine Scientific Society). President of the Foundation for High Studies on Antarctica and Extreme Environments (Argentina). President of the International Association of Circumpolar Sociocultural Issues (IACSI, with branches in Iceland, Finland and Argentina). Author and co-author of 16 books, and many articles published in international scientific journals. He received different awards for his investigations and writings. His main areas of interest are Local Community, Circumpolar issues, Sociology of the Environment, Urban Sociology, Theory of the City, Social Psychology and Deviant Behavior. He has worked assesing governamental areas in Argentina, Spain and USA, in Sociology of the Environment, Impact Assesment of socioeconomic endeavours, and Deviant Behavior.