États-Unis - United States

Binghamton, NY

Binghamton University

The Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies (CEMERS)

Cambridge, MA

Harvard University

Committee on Medieval Studies

Chapel Hill, NC

University of North Carolina

Collegeville, MN

Hill Museum and Manuscript Library

Columbia, MO

University of Missouri

Medieval and Renaissance Studies

Dallas, TX

Southern Methodist University

Medieval Studies Program

Irvine, CA

University of California

Department of English and Comparative Literature

Jamaica, NY

St John's University

Department of English

Kalamazoo, MI

Western Michigan University

Medieval Institute

Lexington, KY

University of Kentucky

Department of Philosophy

Louisville, KY

University of Louisville

Department of Classical and Modern Languages (French)

Milwaukee, WI

Marquette University

Medieval Studies

Minneapolis, MN

University of Minnesota

Center for Medieval Studies

Muncie, IN

Ball State University

Department of English

Newhaven, CT

Yale University

Medieval Studies

New York, NY

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Cloisters

Notre Dame, IN

University of Notre Dame

Medieval Institute

Oxford, OH

Miami University

Department of English

Pittsburgh, PA

University of Pittsburgh

The Medieval and Renaissance Studies Program

Plymouth, NH

Plymouth State College

Interdisciplinary Department

Princeton, NY

University of Princeton

Index of Christian Art

Program in Medieval Studies

Salt Lake City, UT

University of Utah

Department of History

San Antonio, TX

University of Texas

College of Liberal and Fine Arts

San Francisco, CA

San Francisco State University

College of Humanities, Department of Philosophy

Storrs, CT

University of Connecticut

Department of Philosophy

Tempe, AR

Arizona State University

Department of History

Tucson, AR

University of Arizona

Division for Medieval and Renaissance Studies

Washington, DC

The Catholic University of America

Medieval and Byzantine Studies

Wichita, KS

Wichita State University

Department of History