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TFIF Team Info

This page contains the general public info of our team, including our team game preferences, team rules, time-out policy, and a list of our members

The Team Challenge Policy of TFIF

TFIF is interested in playing team matches with all teams of GK, regardless of their team rating and position in the team ladder. But when you consider your challenges, please take the following policy into account:

The General Rules of TFIF

These are the basic rules and principles of TFIF. Comments and suggestions are always welcome, both from team members and external parties.

The Timeout Policy of TFIF

Timeouts (e.g. losing games by time only) are unfortunate and generally avoidable, particularly in team games where they harm one's team as well. Below is the current timeout policy of TFIF:

TFIF member list

Below is the current official member list of TFIF, including their nationalities. Let me know if someone is missing, and I'll add them. Please visit team's front page in GK for more detailed, real-time information like players' ratings, and scores in team games.


Playing under FRIENDS (IOC code):