Researchers' Night 2019

What can you do with nanosugar?

Nanosugar demonstration

Our group has prepared a demonstration that shows how a lipophilic dye changes it colour when it is encapsulated inside a macrocyclic host, cyclodextrin ("nanosugar"). The demonstration gives a visual experience on a basic concept studied in supramolecular chemistry, the formation of a host-guest complex by weak interactions between two molecular species. We also look at the nanoporous crystals these sugars form when they organize into metal-organic frameworks with alkali metal cations (potassium, rubidium) and how the pores can be used to encapsulate the dye inside the crystal. The demonstration is part of the Nanoscience demonstrations that take place 27.9.2019 in the University of Jyväskylä, at Ylistönrinne campus.

Prof. Pablo Ballester's course in the Jyväskylä Summer School 12.-16.8.2019

NANO2/CH4: Methods for the Characterization of Supramolecular Complexes