Seminar on Analysis in Metric Spaces, Fall 2017

Schedule, Mondays 10-12 MaD 302

18.9. Atte Lohvansuu: Good metric spaces without good parametrizations
25.9. Toni Ikonen: Gromov hyperbolicity and metric spheres
2.10. Martti Rasimus: Strong A_{infty} weights and geometric embeddings
9.10. Terhi Moisala: BiLipschitz (self-)similar spaces
16.10. Ville Kivioja: Conformal dimension and Gromov hyperbolic spaces
23.10. Eero Hakavuori: Quasiregular ellipticity
30.10. Special Lecture by Pekka Koskela: Reflections from the past
6.11. Timo Schultz: Branch set of quasiregular mappings and branched coverings
13.11. Zhuang Wang: Quasicircles modulo biLipschitz maps
20.11. Fares Essebei: Gromov hyperbolic spaces, visual boundary, and Busemann functions
27.11. Zheng Zhu: Poincare inequalities on Ahlfors-regular spaces
4.12. Jesse Railo: Smoothability of manifolds and Whitney's flat forms
11.12. Antti Räbinä: Absolute continuity of quasisymmetric maps
18.12. Ngoc Khanh Nguyen: Geometric analysis on Cantor sets and trees