Cosmology (FYS440 9 op), spring 2015


Kimmo Kainulainen
Lectures 28 h:
Mo and Wed 12-14
Course duration:
12.1. - 20.4.

Ville Vaskonen

Excercises 28 h:
Fri 12-14 
Intermediate exam 1,
Intermediate exam 2

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Course contents

Cosmology is a science which studies the Universe as a whole and its evolution history. The basic theoretical foundations include the Einstein gravity (geometry) and the theories of atomic, nuclear and particle physics (matter), and their extensions. During the course we will learn about the basics of the expanding FRW-cosmology and the physics of the very hot early universe. In particular we will concentrate on the corner-stones of the modern cosmology: the Hubble expansion (or more generally the entire observed expanson history), the cosmic microwave background radiation and the nucleosynthesis of the light elements. We will also discuss the dark matter and dark energy problems, and to their proposed particle physics and astrophysics based solutions. These include the weakly intreracting massive particle scenario (DM-problem) and the effects of inhomogeneities such as weak gravitational lensing (DE-problem). We will also learn the basics o the theory of inflation and the theory of structure formation.

Source literature

S. Weinberg
Cosmology, Oxford 2007
V. Mukhanov
Physical Foundations of Cosmology, Cambridge 2005
E. Kolb ja M.S. Turner
Early Universe, Perseus Publishing 1990
A.R. Liddle and D. H. Lyth
Cosmological Inflation and Large-Scale Structure, Cambridge 2000
S. Dodelson
Modern Cosmology, Elsevier 2003
P.J.E. Peebles
Principles of physical cosmology, Princeton University Press, 1993
M. Roos
Introduction to cosmology, Wiley 1994
L. Bergström ja A.Goobar
Cosmology and particle astrophysics, Wiley 1999
S. Carroll
Spacetime and Geometry, Addison Wesley 2004
C.W. Misner, K.S. Thorne ja J.A. Wheeler
Gravitation, Freeman 1973
H. Kurki-Suonio
Luentomonisteet (LaTeX), 1997-2003

The new books by Weinberg and Mukhanov look good. Most of these books can be found in the student library. Carroll is an excellent book about General relativity, with some cosmology stuff as well.

Course material

The handwritten notes shown during the lectures are collected to a PDF-form chapters and a complete book, which you can find from the links below. Both Finnish and English versions are available below. (Despite the differet sizes of files the content is the same in both versions.)


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Luku 1 (7 Mt) Luku 2 (7.8 Mt) Luku 3 (6.0 Mt)
Luku 4 (4.3 Mt) Luku 5 (1.1 Mt) Luku 6 (1.6 Mt)
The complete set (8.1 Mb)

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