Defining metamodeling and metamodels


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Table of Contents

Metamodeling languages

Defining metamodeling and metamodels

Metamodeling approaches

ISO’s IRDS framework

An instance example: starting point for metamodeling

An example: metamodel

Type-instance pair: Some mappings between the levels

An example: a modeling method based on the metamodel

Use of metamodels

First metamodeling task: DFD

Implementing metamodels

Example metamodel: Booch

Booch in use

Metamodeling languages

A short review to modeling power of metamodeling languages

Partial example: STD

Metamodeling languages: ER

Metamodeling languages: OPRR

Metamodeling languages: CoCoA

Metamodeling languages: NIAM

Metamodeling languages: GOPRR

Use of meta-data models in ISD

Author: Juha-Pekka Tolvanen