Jorma Kyppö

University of Jyväskylä
Faculty of Information Technology

Jorma Kyppö, Doctor in Economics (M. Sc. in Applied Mathematics), has been working since 1989 in the Department of Computer Science and Information Systems temporarily as well as in the Department of Mathematical Information technology, as an assistant, a Lecturer, an Assistant Professor, Project Researcher and lastest as an University Teacher. His work has been covering mainly the area of research, teaching and internal information.

Through the years he has been giving lectures on the Operation Research and Bases of Mathematics as well as Java Programming. The previous course was replaced in 2002 by the Discrete Structures. Since spring 2004 he has been giving lectures also in Graph Theory. In addition to that, he has been working as a supervisor of the basic courses of programming and development of information systems. In his research, he focuses on the topological graph theory and game theory (universal chess). He is also interested in the knot theory, game theory and lately in social networks (SOMEA) and sociosemantic networks. Earlier his research activities were also interlinked with the commercial world through the sponsorship of the TriChess project provided by the Jyväskylä Science Park. Leisure-time activities: swimming, biking, soccer, jogging and judo.

Room: Agora C 422.1

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Jorma Kyppö
Department of Computer Science and Information Systems
University of Jyväskylä
Mattilanniemi, Building Agora, 4th & 5th  floor
P.O.Box 35

 "Old Department"