A research by-product, the chess for three players TriChess, has been developed for analyzing some models in the graph theory at the Department of Computer Science and Information Systems, Faculty of Information Technology, University of Jyväskylä. The original problem in 1993 was one generalization of the well known Knight's Tour on chessboard conjecture. TriChess is a strategy game making use of the mathematics and history of traditional chess from ancient India and it exploits a universal idea of strategy games. Trichess does not obey any imaginary rules of its own. Due to the number of players, completely different strategic combinations are used and it is often compared to the games of great powers in the political or commercial life. The computer version of Universal Chess may run several complicated chess modifications, some more complicated than the usual chess (eg. LargeChess and - vice versa - some more simple than the good old chess (eg. SmallChess). As a result of this research, several connections to the commercial world have been created. Some interdisciplinary research studies have been made in the fields of programming, multimedia, game theory, economics and electronic commerce. Research is supported by the Jyväskylä Science Park. Also two park versions of Trichess were made in Laukaa, close Jyväskylä. The Wooden figures were made by chain saw only.

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3rd Millenium 3Chess

You can play TriChess in Poseidon (Helsinki), Hesperia Park (Helsinki, close Finlandia House), JazzBar, Vakiopaine, Yla-Ruth (all 3 in Jyväskylä) and The Saloon of Black Raven (in Laukaa...