I would like to warmly thanks the CVGMT Team for the support and for hosting the following papers at CVGMT server.

[1] Non-existence of optimal transport maps for the multi-marginal repulsive harmonic cost (2018)
(with , A. Kausamo, T. Rajala),   pre-print

[2] Duality theory for multi-marginal optimal transport with repulsive costs in metric spaces (2018)
(with , A. Kausamo, T. Rajala),   pre-print

[3] The strictly-correlated electron functional for spherically symmetric systems revisited (2017)
(with S. Di Marino, K. Giesbertz, P. Gori-Giorgi, L. Nenna, M. Seidl),   pre-print

[4] Optimal transportation theory for repulsive costs (2017)
(with S. Di Marino, L. Nenna),  Topological Optimization and Optimal Transport In the Applied Sciences   

[5] The adiabatic strictly-correlated-electrons functional: kernel and exact properties (2016)
(with S. Di Marino, P. Gori-Giorgi, G. Lani, R. van Leeuwen),   pre-print

[6] Optimal Potentials for Schrödinger Operators (2013)
(with G. Buttazzo, B. Ruffini, B. Velichkov),  J. Éc. polytech. Math.