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Janne S. Kotiaho

Professor of Ecology

Founder of Peerage of Science



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Latest key publications:

Use of inverse spatial conservation prioritization to avoid biological diversity loss outside protected areas - Conservation Biology 27:1294-1303 (2013).

Comparing evolvabilities: common errors surrounding the calculation and use of coefficients of additive genetic variation - Evolution 66:2341-2349 (2012).

The good genes and compatible genes benefits of mate choice - The American Naturalist 174:741-752 (2009).

On the resolution of the lek paradox. - Trends in Ecology and Evolution 23:1-3 (2008).

The use of ecological traits in extinction risk assessments: a case study on geometrid moths. - Biological Conservation 141:2322-2328 (2008).

Quantitative genetic correlation between trait and preference supports a sexually selected sperm process in the beetle Onthophagus taurus. - PNAS 104:16604-16608 (2007).




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