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(LOCKED) Assignment: TIES4910 - Deep Learning for Cognitive Computing, Theory
Publication 1. – How to model medical devices with honeypots
Publication 2. – How to model medical devices with honeypots: A Conceptual Framework


My focus is Cyber Situation Awareness.

Forming real-time situation awareness is a challenge with two edges; technical visibility is necessary to comprehend elements that impact the cyber realm. This indicates security events created by security controls and other technical elements. Prior research has shown that organisations encounter difficulties in gaining more technical visibility to achieve a comprehensive cyber situation awareness. The abundance of security events has surpassed the point at which human security analysts can effectively keep up. This equation disregards the limits of human capabilities.

My aim for postgraduate studies is to contribute to this field scientifically. To achieve this, I will be researching honeypot technology and its ability to accurately detect low false-positive and false-negative sensor data across various operating environments. Another important approach is to learn how to process specific sensor data using modern technological solutions for situational awareness, which also encompasses artificial intelligence-based solutions.


Jouni Ihanus

Ph.D. Student, University of Jyväskylä