This is the page of the research area "Global Information Systems" of the University of Jyväskylä (Prof. Dr. Jan M. Pawlowski).

Globalization is discussed from many perspectives. Recent public discussions focus on outsourcing and offshoring and, in many cases, on specific countries such as China or Eastern Europe. In many cases, globalization is perceived as a synonym for negative effects - but: what are the potentials of living and acting in a globalized world? How can we facilitate and support people and organisations to successfully act in the global marketplace? How should we design information systems which are developed and used globally?

These are just some guiding questions of the workgroup. It is our mission to create and validate new solutions for Information Systems in a global context - this includes the support of individuals and organisations to improve competitiveness, performance, and - probably most important - mutual understanding.

Research Topics.

Our focus areas of research (please also see our publications):

  • Designing work and learning processes in globally distributed organisations
  • Design and development methods for global information systems
  • Culture analysis and awareness
  • Support tools for knowledge intensive processes in global organisations
  • ICT4D: ICT for development
  • E-Learning and knowledge management in global organisations

Our competencies.

We perform state-of-the art research in the field of Information Systems - we cooperate with research institutions and companies nationally and internationally - our competencies and services:
  • Research-led construction, design and implementation of processes, services and systems, in particular for globally distributed organisations
  • Qualitative and quantitative research in information systems
  • Comparative studies and evaluations
  • National and international project management
  • Cooperation and networks
  • Services and knowledge transfer to companies and public institutions

What else to find on these pages?
  • Global Information Systems - introduction. This section introduces the specialization "Global Information Systems" and our core competencies.
  • Projects. Current projects in the field.
  • Publications. Find our recent and not-so-recent papers and other results from the research fields of GLIS, E-Learning and Knowledge Management.
  • Teaching.Mainly for students, covering introductions to the lectures "Global Information Systems" and "Advanced Topics in Global Information Systems". Recent offers for projects, Masters' and Ph.D. Theses.
  • About. Interests, hobbies and CV of Jan M. Pawlowski.