Building Erlang/OTP for 32bit/64bit windows with gcc

Required tools and libraries

  • mingw + msys environment installed with mingw-get-inst.
  • mingw compiler that has more up-to-date system headers.
  • from here.
  • Java SDK.
  • openssl library
    • ./config mingw shared zlib-dynamic
  • wx widgets library
    • code in contrib/src/stc has to be compiled also
  • Building erlang/OTP:
    eval `./otp_build env_msys_mingw32`
    ./otp_build all -a


  • 64 bit time_t for 32-bit windows?
  • proper check for gcc version in sys/win32/sys_float.c
  • submit those patches that seem to be trivial
  • test compiling with VC after applying the patches