Jyväskylä Ion Beam Analysis Library (JIBAL)


Read the README file first

JIBAL provides isotopic (masses, abundances), stopping forces, energy loss straggling and other data for ion beam analysis codes.

It is still in active development, but can be considered stable and accurate enough to be used for real work. There is no warranty, the library and programs are provided "as is", and the risk of using the library is yours.


Please see installation instructions if you want to install JIBAL from the sources.

Some binaries for Windows are available, but not necessarily always for the latest version.


You can download some stopping and straggling data. Please refer to the README.txt inside the package for installation instructions. Use e.g. 7-Zip (this is not an endorsement) to extract the files from the tar.gz archive on Windows.


The source code is hosted at GitHub. The program is free software, distributed under conditions of GPL-2.0, please also see the notes in the README file. There is no warranty.