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Ohjelmaopas X

Ohjelmaopas X is an application for scheduling EyeTV. It shows information for finnish TV stations. NOTE! Ohjelmaopas X is intended only for use in Finland. Of course you can use the application in any country, but I wonder why you would like to read about and schedule TV shows that you won't be able to watch anyway...


HyperConvert is an application for converting HyperResearch projects from windows to mac. It converts hs2, txt, mov and doc files found in a given folder. After the conversion mac version of HyperResearch will be able to open the files correctly.

Check Print Quota X

Check Print Quota X is an application which checks the print quota of the currently logged in user. This is done by using CGI script that has to be located on the server. Check Print Quota X has been written with applescript and quota-checker.cgi has been written with perl.

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