Hannu Häkkinen

    Title: Academy Professor (2016-2020)  
    Email: hannu.hakkinen (at) jyu.fi
    Phone: +358 400 247973
      Fax: +358 14 260 4756

  Address: Physics / Chemistry            Nanoscience Center            P.O. Box 35 (YFL)            FIN-40014 University of            Jyväskylä, Finland    Office: YN232

Research interests

Computational nanoscience, methods of electronic structure calculations of nanoparticles, nanostructures and solids. I am a professor in Computational Nanoscience (group page). We investigate electronic, optical, magnetic, chemical and catalytic properties of bare, supported, and ligand-protected metal nanoparticles, electrical conductivity of molecule-metal interfaces in nanostructures, properties of carbon nanotubes and graphene, and structural and chemical properties of metal nanoparticle / bionanoparticle (virus) hybrids. My CV is here, list of publications here and a list of invited talks here. My group is located at the JYU Nanoscience Center .

I started a symposium series "International Symposium on Monolayer-protected Clusters ISMPCXX" in 2008. The first ISMPC08 was held in September 2008 in Jyväskylä, the second edition ISMPC11 in June 2011 also in Jyväskylä, the third one ISMPC13 in July 2013 in Pingree Park, Colorado (organized by Chris Ackerson, Christine Aikens and Terry Bigioni), the fourth one ISMPC15 in July 2015 in Yamanaka village, Japan (organized by Tatsuya Tsukuda and Yuichi Negishi) and the fifth one in July 2017 in Monte Verita, Switzerland (organized by Stefan Knoppe, Noelia Barrabes and Thomas Buergi). The sixth symposium will be organized in Xiamen, China, by Nanfeng Zheng in 2019.

I am an Academy Professor for the term 2016-2020 and a visiting professor in Xiamen University in China since 2017.

I was listed as one of the "Highly Cited Researchers" in 2018 by Clarivate Analytics


Fall 2018: Physical chemistry 2 (KEMA225)
Fall 2017: Physical chemistry 2 (KEMA225)
Fall 2016: Physics of the Cell (SMBA501)
Summer 2016: The Science of Atomic Clusters (together with Henrik Grönbeck, Jyväskylä Summer School)
Fall 2015: Quantum Chemistry (KEMS401) and Physics of the Cell (SMBA501)
Fall 2014: Fundamentals of Nanoscience SMBS813 (with Gerrit Groenhof and Jussi Toppari)
Fall 2013: Quantum Mechanics I parts A and B (FYSA233, FYSA235)
Fall 2013: Fundamentals of Nanoscience SMBS813 (with Janne Ihalainen and Jussi Toppari)
Fall 2012: Material Physics II (FYSM400)
Fall 2012: Fundamentals of Nanoscience SMBS813 (with Janne Ihalainen and Jussi Toppari)
Summer 2012: The Physics and Chemistry of Atomic Clusters (with Henrik Grönbeck), Jyvaskyla Summer School
Spring 2012: Material Physics I FYSM300
Fall 2011: Fundamentals of Nanoscience SMBS813 (with Janne Ihalainen and Andreas Johansson)
Spring 2011: Physical Chemistry I KEMA223
Fall 2010: Material Physics II FYSM400
Fall 2010: Fundamentals of Nanoscience SMBS813 (with Janne Ihalainen and Jussi Toppari)
Spring 2010: Mathematical Methods for Physicists II FYSA200
Fall 2009: Fundamentals of Nanoscience SMBS813 (with Janne Ihalainen and Jussi Toppari)
Fall 2009: Physical Chemistry II KEMA222
Spring 2009: Physical Chemistry I KEMA221
Fall 2008: Density functional theory and its applications in nanoscience FYSM540 (with R. van Leeuwen and K. Honkala)
Spring 2008: Physical Chemistry I KEMA221 and Materials Physics I FYSM300
Fall 2007: Materials Physics II FYSM400
Summer 2007: Computational Nanoscience, Summer School JSS17
Spring 2007: Materials Physics I FYSM300
Fall 2006: Materials Physics II FYSM400
Spring 2006: Simulation course FYSM350, MD part
Fall 2005: Numerical Methods in Physics FYSP120
Fall 2004: Materials Physics II FYSM400
Spring 2004: Materials Physics I FYSM300 and Computational Materials Physics

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