Welcome - Tervetuloa !

Dear students and staff, the A.I. Club@JYU is now open for registrations in Korppi, the meeting schedule has been standardized and is also available in Korppi! You can officially join the club and stay updated by registering to TIES4912 (Link to Korppi). Registration is open to all interested students and staff from any discipline. Meeting attendance is highly encouraged but not mandatory. If so desired, there is the possibility to apply for up to 5 credits under certain criteria detailed in the info.

The next AIC sessions can be found in our Korppi Page (Link to Korppi). In addition, we highly suggest submitting your ideas for discussion topics via the following anonymous google form (Topic Submission Form).


• Active JYU club/course - TIES4912

• Monthly meetings & discussions

• Guest presentations

• Guest talks

• Guest demonstrations

• Guest workshops

Audience and goal

• To allow students and staff interested or active in A.I to connect, discuss, enrich their knowledge and develop better practices.

Joining the club

• Free (via Korppi)

• Mailing list (via Korppi)

• Facebook group page (keyword: AIC@JYU The Artificial Intelligence Club): Link to facebook group