Software by Antti-Juhani Kaijanaho

Principal author

All listed software have either been given formal releases or have been seen real use; some have had both.

  1. Alue (at Git commit 2705dcb: SLOC=16K; C++, Sh), 2009-. Under active development.
  2. Darcs monitor (0.3.6: SLOC=0.4K, Haskell), 2007-2008. Needs a new maintainer.
  3. Graph reduction (1.0: SLOC=1K, ISO-C), 2006. No updates expected.
  4. Agora BASIC (0.1: SLOC=6K; ISO-C, Sh), 2006. No updates expected in the mid-term future.
  5. Ibid's Editor (0.3p1: SLOC=4K, ISO-C, Sh), 2005. Abandoned.
  6. Unbounded (0.3: SLOC=1K, Haskell), 2005. No updates expected.
  7. dctrl-tools (2.14: SLOC=4K; ISO-C, Sh), 1999- (formerly known as grep-dctrl). Under sporadic maintenance.
  8. CatDVI (0.14: SLOC=9K; ISO-C, Perl, Sh) with contributors (J. H. M. (Ray) Dassen and Björn Brill), 1999-2001. Currently maintained by Björn Brill.
  9. Chase (0.5: SLOC=1K, ISO-C, Sh), 1998-2000. Currently maintained by Andreas Rottmann.


  1. Debian (2.2: SLOC=55M), 1998-
  2. GZigZag (currently known as Fenfire) (0.6.3: SLOC=28K; Java, Perl, C++, ISO-C, Sh), 2000-2001. Principal author: Tuomas J. Lukka.
  3. Bluefish (0.9: SLOC=42K; ISO-C, Sh), 1999-2000. Principal author: Olivier Sessink.
  4. Bidentd (1.0.10: SLOC=1K; ISO-C), 2000. Principal author: Joel Yliluoma.

SLOC-counts (source lines of code) generated using 'SLOCCount' by David A. Wheeler.

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