TIES542 Principles of Programming Languages, Spring 2007

This course is lectured in Finnish. See the Finnish page for more information.

It is possible to take the course in English, by reading the following papers and either taking an exam or keeping a learning journal (all papers are accessible from the University network at the given locations):

Emphasis should be placed on getting the big picture, and as much as possible, the ability to read (and write) the formalisms described; working out the details of proofs is not necessary.

It is possible to take a book-based exam, but a learning journal is preferred over an exam.

A learning journal is a journal (think "Captain's Log") about your learning process. It shoud be written continuously as you work through the papers cited above, detailing what you learnt, what thouhgts it created in you, how it affects your perspective on programming languages etc. Summaries of the papers are not necessary. The learning journal is graded, emphasizing the amount and quality of independent thought by the writer related to the subject matter at hand.

A seminar paper and presentation is a mandatory part of this course. More information will be given later.

2007-01-08 Antti-Juhani Kaijanaho <antkaij@mit.jyu.fi>

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