TIEA241 Automatons and formal languages, Spring 2012

If you cannot follow teaching in Finnish, there is the option of independent study followed by a textbook exam or by completing a practical project, described on this page.

Read both of the following works:

Option A: Textbook exam

Register to an exam of this course in Korppi and send me an email message letting me know. Then take the exam as normal (do not bring the textbooks with you).

Option B1: Practical project

Write a program demonstrating that you are able to apply some of the central ideas of this course in software development. Also write a short (5-page) essay describing your program and reflecting on it from the point of view of the theory in this course.

Suggested topics are: a text-based adventure game (interactive fiction); an Eliza-style chatterbot; a simple grep program; a simple parser generator.

You should discuss with me the topic of your program before starting.

Option B2: Theoretical project

Write an essay of about ten pages of a theoretical topic related to this course.

You should discuss with me the topic of your essay before starting.

If you have questions, feel free to contact me.

2012-01-10 antti-juhani.kaijanaho@jyu.fi