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Sunday, 10th of February 2008!
NoFood update -Quantz
Cloud sent in 15 new wrs, improving the WR total time by a remarkable 8,26 seconds. He also took the first spot in the total times with a total that was better than the earlier WR total =). Very nice job, many huge improvements!

Sunday, 16th of December 2007
General update -Quantz
I decided to remove the bp2 pack, since I'm just generally displeased with how it turned out. While there are some nice levels, overall the pack's pretty crappy.

Monday, 17th of September 2007
NoFood update -Quantz
Mz sent one more wr, for ramp frenzy this time, and sent his TT also which took the 1st spot, grats!

Friday, 15th of September 2007
NoFood update -Quantz
Two more WRs from Mz, this time Circuitous and Pipe, nice!

Thursday, 19th of July 2007
NoFood update -Quantz
And another 0.01sec off by Cloud, this time from Islands in the Sky, also 2 new records from Mz, long haul and precarious.

Thursday, 19th of July 2007
NoFood update -Quantz
Surprise improvement in hang tight, cloud improved his previous record by staggering 0.01sec, grats!

Wednesday, 18th of July 2007
NoFood update -Quantz
A very impressive almost 10 second improvement in gravity ride by kd, as well as 0.1sec improvement on precarious. really impressive.

Saturday, 14th of July 2007
NoFood update -Quantz
kd sent new times for gravity ride and bounce back, nicely done.

Friday, 13th of July 2007
bp2 update -Quantz
I battled 2 bp2 levs and Zweq made good times on them.

Thursday, 5th of July 2007
NoFood update -Quantz
One more nofood rec from Mz.

Wednesday, 13 of June 2007
NoFood update -Quantz
Mz sent 3 new recs for nofood, very nice!

Monday, 21st of May 2007
NoFood update -Quantz
York sent 4 new records for NoFood: lab pro, downhill, what the heck and expert system.

Monday, 14th of May 2007
NoFood update -Quantz
Xodok made new record on jaws.

Tuesday, 2th of February 2007
NoFood update -Quantz
kd improved his record on bounce back by 0.13 sec.

Sunday, 28th of January 2007
NoFood update -Quantz
Woot. i don't know where this sudden interest for nofood arises from or how long it will last, but kd just sent 10 new wrs and his tt went easily to 1st place also. very nice!

Friday, 26th of January 2007
NoFood update -Quantz
New record from CSabi to nofood51.

Saturday, 21st of January 2007
NoFood update -Quantz
Karesz made a new wr in zigzag and passed axxu in nofood tt, congratulations to him!

Saturday, 20th of January 2007!
NoFood update -Quantz
Astral and Karesz both improved one wr in nofood, Astral did very nice new time on ramp frenzy and Karesz beat axxu's apple harvest by 0.04 seconds. grats to both :)

Friday, 24th of November 2006
NoFood update -Quantz
Prztt sent new time for hill legend.

Sunday, 12th of November 2006
BPM update -Quantz
Raven sent good times for BPM with new best total time, and one new nofood rec on twin peaks.

Monday, 23rd of October 2006
BPM update -Quantz
Karesz sent 7 bpm recs and got a nice total time.

Sunday, 22nd of October 2006
BP2 update -Quantz
Markku sent 5 times for bp2!

Saturday, 21st of October 2006
BP2 & BPM -Quantz
Two new levelpacks, Battlepack 2 consisting 14 levels from battle levels antz198-311 and Battlepack Mini, 7 levels that take under 10 seconds to play through. As with other packs, if you get best times, send mail to me with the levels and replays. Hope you enjoy them :)!

The replay sections are still missing, but other than that everything should work ok.

Saturday, 8th of July 2006
NoFood Update -Quantz
New records from Jarkko and NightMar_JNR, very nice times!

Friday, 7th of July 2006
Soon done(?) -Quantz
Ok, here we go! Redirected from the old site to this one and this is the one i'll be updating from now on. If you want to check the older site for some reason, you can find it here.

There's still a few things missing from this site, i haven't done replays section for other packs than nofood, and even that doesn't have records for all the levels available. What's also missing is the [team] tag from names and the record holder list. different color for new times is missing as well. those three i'll hopefully add at some point in the future. bp2 hasn't progressed since i haven't been focusing on it, remains to be seen when i get around to doing that. in the meanwhile enjoy the lack of add banners and (hopefully) faster server, if nothing else :P..

Tuesday, 23rd of May 2006
Adjusting -Quantz
Just fixing and adding some stuff.

Wednesday, 26th of April 2006
Here again -Quantz
Remaking and rehosting my website abit. I've got a new levelpack more or less finished already as well, which I might be releasing sometime in the future.. Because of my lack of skills, much of this site is credited to ville_j, big thanks to him =). Also very big thanks to Egrimm for doing the php stuff for me.

Archive(Older news)
This site hosts 4 levelpacks: BLP, BPM, oldy and NoFood. Feel free to download the levels, try beat the best times.

Updates happen every now and then, when I can make myself do it =).

If you dont feel like contacting me via email, you can find me on IRC with nick 'Quantz' on QuakeNet and IRCNet.

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