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  • More publications 
  • TJTSD66 Advanced Topics in Social Media, Spring 2012
  • TJTSD67 XML-pohjainen viestintä tietoverkoissa
  • TJTS505 Graduseminaari
  • TJTA227 Johdatus XML-kieleen, kurssi keväällä 2010/ XML course in Spring 2010
  • XML for Information Management / ERASMUS course at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg
  • FIS2302 Special Topics in Informations Studies: XML for Communicating on the Web
  • FIS2303 Special Topics in Informations Studies: Semantic Web
  • FIS2168 Information Retrieval Systems
  • TJT D63 Semanttinen web / Semantic Web 
  • TJT D54 Hajautettu hypermedia / Distributed Hypermedia
  • MMA A11 Johdatus hyper- ja multimediaan (multimediatutkimus) / Multimedia Research 

Professor Emerita
Department of Computer Science and Information Systems

P.O. Box 35 (Agora), FI-40014


  • document management in organizations 
  • structured documents, XML, document standardization 
  • e-Government 
  • ICT for development